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Delicious Himalayan and Indian food. We ordered Chicken Vindaloo, Paneer Tikka Masala, Samosa Chaat, Onion Kulcha, and Garlic Naan.

Chicken Vinadaloo - tender chicken but not enough chicken, and the sauce was more tomato based. Vindaloo sauce should be spicy but was not spicy at all. We prefer the sauce to actually be a spicy Vindaloo sauce as it should be. Regardless, it's was good and may order ir again.

Paneer Tikka Masala - paneer was good and sauce is creme tomato based. It was sweet and tastes like the sauce was made with heavy creme.

Samosa Chaat - very good! Had yogurt and herbs and chickpeas smothered on tip of the light crispy Samosa.

Onion Kulcha - buttery soft Onion bread. Excellent!

Garlic Naan - buttery soft and CHEWY. Excellent!

My only discontentment is that the rice they give is small.
Good thing we ordered enough bread!


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+ soft, chewy, dream-like naan, whoever made it is a god amongst men
+ creamy, delicious, tomato-y masala. Usually it falls second to the naan but this one tied first place with the naan
+ my dogs loved the paneer (nothing against paneer. I just dont like cheese)
+ no plastic utensil, which is good for the environment

- amount of masala compared to price of masala makes me sad. I think they should have more but idk, maybe I am paying for price of goodness
- the price of naan is a bit high as well? Compared to other restaurants, at least. Im gonna try making it at home!!!
- the delivery driver looked at me like I had personally killed his first born child. Chill dude. I dont even need you to smile, but just... not being actively hostile might be a good start.


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Ive lived in Edgewater for more than 8 years and just discovered this place today. I usually ordered from Kinara but I have to say Namaste is 100x better. The Chicken Tikka Masala and naan came hot and fresh where my family and I enjoyed every bite. One thing I want to highlight is the customer service - I incorrectly ordered the chicken tikka and the owner actually called me to confirm what I wanted. This just shows how much the business understands and cares for #1, their customers. Whenever I'm in the mood for Indian food, this is my new GO TO place. Thanks again Mohammed for the delicious food and going out of your way to take care of my family.

I never write recommendations but I felt compelled to leave one for Namaste!!

Keep up the good work!! and thanks agan


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This was my first time ordering from Namaste - I will order again!! My experience was wonderful. The food was very good and delivered hot and timely by a friendly individual. Additionally, there was a minor misunderstanding regarding something on my order and the establishment went way out of their way to quickly rectify the situation in a manner that benefitted me! I very much appreciated their staff's customer-orientation. As I said, we will be ordering from here again!


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I love this place. I usually like to go for sit-down, but when I'm feeling a little tired, the take out or delivery is still amazing. I haven't decided what my favorite dish is yet, but everything I've had has been great. If you're reading this, you're probably ordering in, but if you live in the area I highly suggest going there. The servers are friendly and it has that hidden gem kind of atmosphere even if it's on a busy road.

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I pass this unassuming restaurant twice a day and never pay it much notice. The food we ordered tonight has definitely changed my mind! It will take all my willpower now NOT to stop on a regular basis and eat my way through the menu.



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Chicken tikka masala, garlic naan, samosas were all very good! Portions aren't huge but the food was delivered on time, hot and the delivery person was kind enough to walk up 4 flights of stairs to bring it to my door.


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NAMASTE has it right the food is superior Indian
They are one with there patrons
If you want authentic Indian cuisine look no further
one suggestion I would have liked a bigger order of rice to go with the meal


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Incredibly fresh ingredients. Outstanding original recipes and great spins on classic Indian standards. Order from here all the time now. Best option in Edgewater area for Indian food hands down.


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So refreshing to have quality Indian dishes available in Edgewater again, since the established competitor's quality has taken a nose dive in recent years. I just wish they had meat samosas!

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